Conventional Wisdom

I was sitting in a session of a technology company and there was a very nice gentleman speaking at volumes about stuff that is generally so good to listen from a strategy point of view.

And then there was a word on “CONVENTIONAL WISDOM”

I was blank for a second: The gentleman in suit had opened a Pandora’s box in my world.

“Experienced guys gets this, gets that!!!” he said..

Technology world is fast changing and all the development and innovative ideas come out of Young minds!! Aren’t you speaking cryptic code for me when you being in a technology company talk about experience.

We are supposed to talk new and fresh. You need an agile and fresh mind and not old gray matter filled with worldly wisdom.


I can bet you on that: When the world is changing so fast and faster is technology, you would want people who are willing to change, and not people who would try to stand on your shoulders, see you do all the work and then take all the credit (because they are so called experienced!!)


I would rather stay inexperienced.

Why it is not fair to Compare Google with Facebook?

Google with its unique search engine brought relevance to people staying on the internet. The relevant search results and confidence that internet is acting as a useful source of information made people hang around on the computer/internet for so much longer!!

Facebook brought relevance to Social Media. Follow their friends on the internet, sharing and tagging pictures, voluntarily giving out information about oneself. The ability to know about people you care for without people who were updating their status to think about who would be interested in knowing it.  Following the news/videos suggested by friends on Facebook would generate more curiosity than one randomly following a story. In short Facebook brought people together in a more socially relevant way.

Both Google and Facebook are continuously innovating providing us with world class product.

Google and Facebook generate relevant ads based on who the user is: For example Google displays search results based on the users’ previous research and search history. Facebook on the other hand knows exactly who you are, which age group you belong to and which communities, bands, pages you have liked? This information combined with their superior analytics is an advertiser’s paradise.

Google never had the luxury of booming economy, however even during the economic downturn few years of their inception the company was one of the only few dotcom’s to survive the dotcom bust!

Facebook on the other hand hasn’t really faced any stiff competition yet! But nonetheless it has been excellent so far and sure to fend it off.

There have been debates about Google being beaten by Facebook as being advertiser’s paradise but did we ever ask the important question?


Had we not had Google, we wouldn’t have known where the internet would have been.

P.S:  The author is a Google/Facebook addict and sometimes checks his internet connection by checking if is available !!

2010 in review

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Where in the world is Santa Claus? Tracking Mission Critical phone calls :)

This Christmas, Avaya will help the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and its volunteers answer that question tens of thousands of times.

From 2 Mountain time, on Dec. 24 thru the early hours of Dec. 25, more than 1,200 volunteer Santa trackers will man the 877-HI-NORAD Santa hotline, answering phone calls from children of all ages. Last year, the 25-hour NORAD Tracks Santa operations center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado received more than 74,000 calls from families around the world.

Peterson AFB uses Avaya’s real-time voice communications to help ensure these important calls get answered. Avaya Aura™ software and hardware have been tested and certified by the Department of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) to ensure security and reliability for missions such as this — when failure is not an option.

“The NORAD Tracks Santa program has grown immensely since 1955, when it first began fielding calls,” said Joyce Frankovis, NORAD Tracks Santa Project Officer. “Yet the excitement and wonder in children’s voices when they call to ask for Santa’s whereabouts is as apparent now as it was 55 years ago.”

The NORAD Tracks Santa program began in 1955 after a youngster dialed a misprinted telephone number for a Santa hotline, and instead reached a helpful commander at the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Courtesy: Avaya Inc.

The Social Network

Watched the Movie The Social Network. Another Hollywood Masterpiece. Just to Kill Sometime and get some inspiration kicking !!

One the best lines in the Movie, when the Winklevoss Brothers go to the Harvard President to complain about the stolen idea of the Harvard Connection. (to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook)

“Harvard’s undergraduates believe that inventing a job is better than finding a job”


Stop illegal logging in Madagascar, NOW!

Madagascar’s Eastern Moist Forest (Ala Atsinanana) hosts an incredible amount of unique species. Up to 90% of all species exist nowhere else on earth!

The Ala Atsinanana, however, is highly threatened and was recently placed by UNESCO the World Heritage in Danger sites list because of the ongoing government-influenced illegal logging crisis and continuing lemur bush meat consumption

How did this happen?

After the 2009 political crisis in Madagascar, several timber barons took advantage of the lack of environmental governance and law enforcement, to illegally fell precious logs (mainly rosewood and ebony) from within protected areas. The aim was to export it, mainly to China.

Exporting of raw precious wood is illegal according to Malagasy laws, but the government has repeatedly granted exceptions (January 29, 2009 and September 21, 2009) and therefore given cover to a rosewood mafia who deprives local people of their natural heritage.

These exceptions are illegal since there hasn’t been any stocking or logging permit issuance since 2002. Past exceptions caused severe depletion of the wood species, thus driving loggers inside protected areas where logging is not legally accepted.

What is worse, is that local communities who have few options in these poverty stricken areas. Local people are often exploited, working for ridiculously small amounts of money in terrible conditions – while the timber mafia has earned more than $250 Millions during the recent political crisis.


3  SIMPLE steps:

WWF – Action Center detail via @AddThis


Take action online with WWF