A few days back I was in Gurgaon. I was very impressed with the straight roads and carefully planned buildings along these roads. Being from a city like Hyderabad where buildings seem to come up almost anywhere and the roads are as curvaceous as the African bananas. Though one’s got to accept that Hyderabad wasn’t built in a day! Gurgaon sets the example for a modern day planned city! well is it? Not exactly, told my brother-in-law and why?  Let us analyze why that’s not the case.

When Gurgaon was becoming a satellite town next to ever expanding national capital New Delhi, the Haryana Government was rushing into selling the land in Gurgaon to these big builders like DLF, Vatika, UNITECH etc. In fact DLF was the biggest buyer. These builders were responsible for setting up the required infrastructures in the satellite town. Each one now turned to it’s piece of land and turned it into a township with sky reaching buildings for accommodation and then these corporate offices. The construction and development work was completely outsourced to these big builders. In fact the entire piece of land was given away to these builders and very meager part was left for the government. Now here is where the problem actually took off. The builders developed their part of the township leading to unbalanced development in the whole city. What happened now was that in spite of the development within the township, there had to means to take the sewage out of each township and channelize it to the proper place. Now the builders had limited accessibility to the land outside their allotted township. Moreover this was the problem with almost all of them. They did not address this problem leading to large amount of pollution and environmental hazards. Next the Government had to buy back land from these big builders to actually re-plan the entire sewer system, drinking water supply, roads, etc. thus the government’s hasty decision led to a very unbalanced growth of the city where each developer developed only his own township and gave a damn about the impact on surrounding areas and environmental and architectural problems.

New Okhla Industrial Development Area right that’s NOIDA; while Haryana government was trying to gain maximum mileage by making it’s full use of being a satellite to Delhi, UP government was losing no ground to do the same. Only thing that made the difference is that it took the land allotment plan for the entire township under it’s controlled planning the passage for basic amenities like drinking water at the same time passage of sewer and waste out of the city. The government allotted the lands in phases and led to rapid development by careful planning unlike Gurgaon where each builder developed his piece of land and then hung up.

So one could see that NOIDA is a more carefully planned city than Gurgaon.



  1. Thanks for the article. After reading similar reviews that compare the two leading NCRs, I would say it is Infrastructure Vs Law and Order.

    Every delhiite (like myself) would love to move to a suburb to avoid the pollution, traffic and politics they get to see each day, but it seems these new townships have their own set of problems.

  2. After experiencing both cities, wd like 2 say Gurgaon is the worst place to stay than anywhere in the world, noida and east delhi is much better place to live and for more better options, you can find Indirapuram..Apart from the fact that my native place is haryana and I was staying in Gurgaon 5-6 yrs back coz its mah mother hometown nd it was gud at that time..but its becoming hell day by day and no hopes in the near future.. n those who talk abt long term investment..ll ve 2 wait for 15-20 yrs in the hell like gurgaon..Noida is well planned as stated above nd gurgaon is never planned and it’ll be waste to plan now.

    NOIDA offers 100 times better facilities that gurgaon lacks..being from haryana..i’m ashamed of having a city like this in my state..

    Other than NOIDA and gurgaon, Chandigarh is the best city to live and enjoy your life with all facilities offered at the nominal cost and ll be having some better options for IT sector in near future.

  3. Gurgaon is a shit place, the worst city one could think of. Shopping malls do not make a good city. I’m still living here for my JOB. I wish i could switch as early as possible. Those happily living in Noida, Delhi.. Please never ever think of moving to Gurgaon. It’s HELL. Stay Away. Stay Happy.
    Last 5 years expereince
    In Noida 3 years: amazing experience.
    In hyderabad 1 year: it was good, comparable to Noida.
    In gurgaon: In office it’s fine. once u come out on roads. It’s HELL again.


  4. What do u mean by “I was very impressed with the straight roads and carefully planned buildings along these roads”.There is no straight road in gurgaon.

    I think you are related with property dealing so that you have published this post on net.

  5. Friends, I am a guy born and raised in Delhi and have closely experienced all regions of NCR. Though no doubts that Noida and Gurgaon are the only credible measure of success that the NCR has achieved, there is a lot of difference between the two. I personally have no attachment towards either Gurgaon or Noida and my criticism of either shall be constructive.

    Gurgaon-> a major satellite town today, the biggest commercial hub in North India and a concrete jungle. Green cover is a rare thing here and it seems that all the city was made for is buildings and expressways. Roads, hygiene and cleanliness too are pathetic. One would mince no words in saying that Gurgaon is under severe neglect by the citizens as well as the administration.
    Being a financial capital of North India, everyone seems motivated about extracting gains out of here- be it people or administration, leaving the city to look after itself. Hence its utterly sorry state. Excluding some areas, particularly those under DLF, Gurgaon looks ill-planned. The most disgusting thing about Gurgaon is the lack of public transport. Once you get there from Delhi, you may have to spend your lifetime in getting to a place inside the city or to adjacent towns like Manesar or thank the heavens if any Inter-state bus plying between Delhi and Rajasthan heeds your SoS.

    Noida-> I’d begin by saying- Noida complex is the destination to be by 2020. The area is undergoing massive growth, planned growth to be specific. The lower number sectors, those under the number 70 are old, yet spectacularly planned. Roads in the city of Noida are wide and well-maintained. Greenery has not been compromised with and there are vast open spaces within the city. Such specifications are enough to ashame even Delhi, if Central Delhi be removed. Sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene are upto mark.

    Talking about current growth, I’d say the reputation of all of India’s IT hubs- Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Hyderabad is at stake. The higher sectors of Noida, i.e.- those above the number 70 and Greater Noida, currently under development offer massive opportunities for electronics and IT companies to set up bases. The construction of a network of expressways cutting through Noida, especially DND Flyway, Greater Noida Expressway and Yamuna Expressway have helped in the massive growth of the city complex.

    The region around these expressways, that until 5 years back was all agricultural land has been awarded to builders to develop socities in a phased manner. In Greater Noida, you speak a word and find it immediately. Greenery is there in abundance. Planning is comparable to Chandigarh’s if not better. Roads are wide and surrounded by vast stretches of greenery, giving scope for further expansion. Parks, Sports City, F1 Circuit, Residential Complexes, Malls, 3 IT Parks, Greater Noida has all ingredients to be called India’s CityNext!

    This entire region- higher sectors of Noida and Greater Noida are on a boom currently. Major skyscrapers are coming up and MNCs have started to set up base here. With 3 IT parks, Greater Noida is turning out to be threat to every major IT city of India. North Eye, currently inder construction will be North India’s tallest building.

    On cleanliness front, the NCR was recently ranked as follows:
    1. Cental Delhi
    2. South Delhi
    3. South West Delhi
    4. Noida
    5. South East Delhi
    6. Faridabad
    7. West Delhi
    8. Gurgaon

    Gurgaon has a lot to do to save its image. It is turning out that Noida shall run away with every honour possible and Gurgaon will have lots of catchibg to do. Better that Gurgaon people and govt wake up early and work to save their historic city.

    1. Thanks for the Info. dude!!!, Even though i live in Noida and absolutely love what this place offers, i should point out that the authority should do more to maintain the inner roads and cleanliness. Noida is going to spend around Rs. 5000 crores on upgradation this year itself so hopefully when all the massive infrastructure development( bridges, flyovers, fobs etc.) is completed, they should do more to maintain the inner parts of the old industrial sectors since they consist of small industrialists which are a major source of employment!!

  6. Hi guys, I’m from Hyderabad here to Gurgaon, residencing near by MG road. What I experienced in Gurgaon is, lacking in it’s basement needs like power, water, roads and municipality things. It’s just rushing behind the money and corporate life.
    Power cut for 6hrs – 10hrs, finally forced to buy inverter costs about Rs.12,000. Hiring auto to MG metro, charges me Rs 50 it’s just about 1 km. Renting for Rs.15,000 a 1bhk, non furnished and 80’s infrastructure. Been out for dinner to average restaurant cost me Rs.200. Feeling thirsty at road side ufff water Rs.20. Earlier never used to think spending money, but time changed.
    City does not provide multi options, money plays the key role and apart from savings life, better option for shopping and clubbing. Finally a waited answer, it has glamour and beauty too. “option for ‘work+enjoy’ but not for ‘work+savings'”. Cheers

  7. As someone who as lived in both cities for more than 3 years each……Noida props Gurgaon in almost every aspect except night life but then Delhi CP and Khan market are not far away.
    Noida it is…way beyond reach of Gurgaon which not only is unplanned but way more insecure than Noida due to jat locals with whom the police always sides with.

  8. You should remove the word ‘city’ from your question since neither of these are cities. They don’t have many things a city is supposed to have:
    1. art galleries
    2. music/dance/threatre performances
    3. good libraries
    4. good parks
    5. good public transport
    6. night life
    and many more.

    If you ask which is a better place to live in then whichever place is closer to your place of work/study is the best

  9. Well, gross planning wise no doubt NOIDA is better planned than Gurgaon. Only problem is that very many set up rules have been broken in NOIDA. For example, unauthorised commercial complexes inside residential, the various constructions that has broken the design rule and extended their built up area on public ground and so on. In the last two decades especially, NOIDA has developed manyfolds.

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