Farhan Akhtar’s latest flick Rock On is all set to write a new chapter in Indian film-making. After totally fresh and rocking ideas of DCH (Dil Chahta Hai) and Lakshya, Rock on is supposedly going to set the ball rolling on august 29th. Yes that’s when the movie is going to hit screens worldwide.

In fact it will not be fair to call it Farhan’s movie. The movie is being directed by some Abhishek Kapoor. But the duo of Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan is still there producing the movie. In fact Farhan is the centre of attraction of the movie playing a sort of lead role. So what is rock on all about.?

Rock On is about a group of four guys who set to pull the best Rock Band in the country but somehow don’t manage to meet with success and then part ways. Ten years down the line they cross each other once again and then anyone’s guess what’s gonna happen. So they set out again on one sole mission. Rocking!!!

In fact Farhan himself has been playing the guitar in real life (not reel) and always visualized himself as a rock star. So it’s kinda dream he’s living upto in the movie where he plays the role of the band’s vocalist. Besides there is Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny (People watching Channel V must be knowing him), and Purab Kohli. Going by the Promos and the poster’s it looks like a pretty good makeover by especially Rampal to get the Rock star look.

The mystery still holds: who’s who in the band!! Last heard that Farhan Akhtar has actually sung five songs, composed by the gr8’s SEL ( Shankar Mahadevan- Ehsaan Noorani – Loy Mendosa) .


Ehsaan Noorani getting to rock:

Well very few people would actually know that the reason for success of the band SEL is the diversity the three bring to the music direction. While Shankar belongs to the Indian Classical music, Ehsaan brings in his Western rock finesse and Loy Mendoza is Electronica king.

Not many people know that Ehsaan started as a guitarist. Now we know where those lovely guitar licks in DCH and Lakshya came from! Moving on since this movie is Rock oriented, Ehassan will get to experiment a lot and probably give us some sweet guitar solos in the movie like the ones in DCH. So looking forward for some hard rocking and head banging stuff.

The theatrical trailer is already out and the posters have been put up in 3000 theatres across the world. The trailer has already started the buzz. I’m just waiting for the music release as of now.


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  1. rock on is a perfect movie on rock music. I loved d way farhaan has acted in d movie. Hes looking very smart with prachi. I liked d movie n really want other people also 2 watch ie. Farhaan u were fantastic. Keep it up.

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