A Bass guitarist speaks on why BASS? And why play?

In the world people play the guitar for two reasons: Let us analyze (being an engineer a thorough analysis to a logical conclusion is expected of me!)

1.  Well most of them do it because of all the fame you get, the rocker feeling, the admiration as you walk down and all the dumb but really hot chicks who will fall for you when you are playing on the stage even though you are doing nothing but playing power chords (if you doing that then you can even call yourself Iron Maiden! Because that’s what they do play power chords and pretend they are not yet another Punk band, but honestly I like them too because of their unique style.) So leaving the hot chicks alone we’ll come back to them later. It is the sheer popularity that attracts people to turning into rock musicians. Most of the people I know around me fall into this category. (so does Parikrama)

2.  Then comes the second kind, people who come with a sheer passion to play music and learn and explore different genres, to them rock is just another part of music. They will master the techniques and moods and then they will move onto the mother of rock music The Blues and then their ultimate aim is to play Jazz. Mind It! These people are the dedicated chaps who will never try to compromise on their Music stuff and techniques and will stick to the rules of the game. 


Actually, before I could turn into a guitarist I turned into a bassist. (To call a bassist a guitarist is objectionable in Bassists lexicon and outright insulting) Well I discovered the true power of Bass when I started jamming with the band for the first time as a Bassist. Bassie is generally a guy who brings the low frequency tones in the band’s music. He sets the rhythm and the harmony. Along with the drummer he decides the framework of the music that is going to come out of the band. Bass fills the whole thing and provides a sense of completeness to the song. And to be honest guitars are just fill-ins which accentuate the feeling of music. Bass is part of all the genres of music, take it from Jazz to Blues to Rock to Death Metal, all want it. Even the days of Beethoven they used the Upright Double. So my playing Bass was just a coincidence (that is another story) but I was in love with the instrument the moment I handled it. Each time while we played the moment Bass went off for a while, it took the life out of the song. So I was in love with this instrument and I knew this is what I wanted to play.

My Music Idea:

Now when it was clear on what I want to play, why I wanted to play anything in first place? so I go back to the above reasons. Ok now Bass man is the guy who in a rock band would quietly stand in the corner giving out low frequency sounds. The real musicians will understand this and the importance of bassist in the band and the music on the whole, but not my mom and sister (why the hell were you standing in the corner! Why is the camera guy not even focusing you?) OK now come in the chicks we left out, for them they don’t know a shit about music or rock, they are just dumb. For them Bassist and guitarists are the same courtesy both the Bass and Guitar look similar. Oh that guy (bassist) playing the guitar so well (calling the bass a guitar may not be technically wrong but it is another racial slur on the bassist community). The dumb girls, who gives a damn though. So what’s my idea of music? Now I always wanted to become a rock star but for me music meant a way to channelize my energy into something creative. I always wanted to improve my techniques and play the songs I really loved. I was also interested in jamming, though our college schedule did not allow it! So what category I come into? Hard to draw a line. First it’s about being creative, innovative, expanding your skill sets, channelizing your energy in free time (empty mind’s devilz workshop) and exploring new genres, learning from the artists and adapting. So if you do all this and turn to the stage and perform impressing the judges with your awesome basslines while still managing to woo some chicks who mistake you for those dimwitched Guitarists and while your folks are complaining for you standing in a corner while you still enjoying the Bass kinda sums it up! 

the Ibanez GSR100 four string monster Bass. the cheap and best any one can afford.


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