A peek into the highest peak @ Vellore – And Before that!

It was January of 2006, barely weeks into the fourth semester of engineering. Classes and campus had already started seeming boring courtesy the moronic lecturers and lazy people around me. I had been planning a conquest of the highest peak @ Vellore (that’s where my college was VIT University) but could not find company. I didn’t understand guys around me were more interested in playing counter-strike on comp (where you give head-shots to your enemies, hopefully I could give some to these lecturers), some nerds into books, some others running after lecturers for marks, some were under the spell of dim witched girls (non male species @ college) who would drag the guys with money in their pocket to the food-court and order the best dessert (a chocolate Hot-fuzz nut!) or some others were simply lying in their rooms watching all kinda movies!

So I was bored and wanted company to go scale the highest peak @ Vellore. I am a kinda person who loves travelling, trekking or anything that involves moving! I had been to Calicut two months ago with one of my friends Anirudh for a technical paper presentation at NIT Calicut and enjoyed the place. It was so natural with serene calmness and greenery all around and with slight drizzle on. We won the second prize there, and yeah we also went to IIM Kozhikode, it was such a lovely campus, and it was located on hill top, so you actually had to trek all the way up to reach the hostel and the main campus. I was so excited after the trip that I wanted a quick trek some new place. And with little cash in my pocket the Vellore peak was the cheapest and best deal to satiate my craving for a trek. Luckily I had mentioned the above problem to one of my friends Anindya and so one night he turned up at my room in hostel and we decided to finally scale the peak the next morning sharp at 6.

Trek Begins: The next day we started by 6. I could only manage snickers and did not have trekking shoes so it was kinda dangerous because it was raining that day (Vellore receives the rainfall from the retreating or the North east monsoon), the rocks were all so wet and slippery especially with the snickers on. Okay the way to begin your ascent of the hill in Vellore is through the shacks in the foothills near Satuvachari. We took an auto till there from the hostel. We initially had to figure out the right place for the ascent cos there’s no defined way. Luckily we hit the right spot to start. It was a steep 70 degrees slope, and had tough time climbing the rocks amidst all the drizzle and slippery rocks! We somehow managed to reach the point where we could figure where we should be heading. Luckily we found a path which I guess became prominent courtesy people had earlier travelled on it. From there on we just followed the path, we had difficulty at times courtesy some steep climbing of 80 degrees as well, and then all those bushes, with ever looming danger of a King cobra showing up anytime. We somehow managed the trip upwards among all these perils. The hill has a kind of watch tower similar to the one they show in mythological and epic movies, say the LOTR where they light the fire and have bells to warn the city of potential dangers and attacks! It was constructed I guess during the time of King Krishnadevaraya a king who is believed to rule Vellore and surrounding areas. It was fun reaching the top. It was so soothing amidst the drizzle and the cool breeze. We could see the whole town of Vellore and even VIT and CMC. The two premier institutes in Vellore. We spent some great time there, tried shouting as loud as possible at times, trying to warn the Velloreans of the new age dangers! I guess trekking and travelling lets you experience new things and help you get energized and refreshed. After about half an hour we were headed back. It took us approximately 45 minutes climbing up and 20 back. It was a fun experience after all the hectic and boring college life that time!  and revitalizing!



  1. I’m a student of VIT now…..and I’m planning to go on a trek. Which is the place that I should go and from where do I start?? What should I tell the auto driver? Awaiting an early response.

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