Why Engineering? Which branch is good? – For me or for the world? A rogue engineer’ analysis of the hidden side to everything in engineering!

It’s that time of the year when thousands of souls are lining up on the crossroad trying to determine which road to take! I was too four years ago; when I was in a similar situation after my class XII. Ok atleast I knew I was going to do engineering. But I was confused what branch is apt for me? Do I choose the branch depending on the demand and worth of the branch or will that not matter and I can make my own choice depending on my own interest. What do I really want, everyone came up with their own advice, infact I wasn’t even listening to anyone, I had developed a misconception and was thinking only about it, which is may not be such a wrong thing to do at such a point of time. This is what I intend to explain through this post!  Read on \m/.

Why engineering?

Is it because you want to be the next Jack Kilby or Thomas Edison? Want to do a PhD in the subject?  These guys know it all what they exactly want. They do not require this manual! (More importantly these are the kinda guys we so badly want)

Is it because you think engineering is a good career option and you not very sure what after and want time to decide your future course of action but you want to learn a lot of things and do good. (My kinda guy)

Is it because you’ve heard B.Tech + MBA helps you secure your career totally and land you a job in the world’s best company ruling over these godforsaken engineers, getting them do all the work while you take away all the credit! (Both literally and monetarily)  (Most of the people take up engineering these days because of this factor which is not necessarily wrong)

I took up engineering now what?

1st year 1st day: Come in the dim witched lecturers and asks us for our intro and future plans! If only I had a future plan?  No points for guessing 70 percent of the class went for the third reason in the previous paragraph and so was the percentage in most classes. I was as usual for the second reason but I just said that I wanted to do an M.Tech just for the heck of answering a question whose answer I did not seriously know that point of time(though I do not want to do it now!)

What engineering branch do I choose? Which is the best?

If you are type 1 you know it all, you know the branches which interest you, go grab it! For example in our first year I had a classmate who would design robots (from scratch), in our Computer Aided Design Classes when we guys used to design simple figures with great difficulty, some geek gods used to design airplanes and submarines. (That counts for some geekiness, and it was more depressing than inspiring because even though you want to be you can’t be a geek like them, they are born that way. After all who designs robots and airplanes three months into engineering, we can only attempt its not difficult but still hats off to them)

If you type 3 you need to choose the branch which makes a good combination with an MBA degree. Mechanical is by far the evergreen branch serves the best with MBA. Then come in the Electrical branches ECE preferably, EEE sucks (did not find a better word) no explanation required here! Since your focus right from start is to do an MBA choose the branch you’re comfortable with it! I know a Sardar from my batch who can’t write a program for calculating the area of square in C language (the simplest program you will come across), but he wants to do an MBA and he took up ECE! So that counts for some bravery, sincere advice join a branch where you will be able to score a good percentage and show up the future employers that you rocked in engineering! For the good ones who can carry on the pressure and can definitely do well no qualms, you guys will definitely do well irrespective of the branch.

If you type 2, this Post is dedicated to you guys.

Electronics and Communication Engineering J what I am): By far the best. If you interested in designing computer chips, if u think you are fascinated by how a cell phone works, how the battery power lasts for so long for some devices and not for some (Nokia Vs Sony Ericsson), want to know what is this fuss about 3G, CDMA vs. GSM, want to design an Automobile safety system, a collision avoidance system, Program a chip and put it on a robot to make it work the way you want, Design protocols that decide how the data will be transmitted across the free space or through optical fiber, then ECE is for you.  Future scope: Immense, with companies setting off shore campuses for R&D in India there will be immense demand for EC engineers. Boom in the Telecom sector and then new Fab city (for silicon wafer fabrication and manufacturing chips for first time in India) ECE is here to stay. Moreover ECE guys are versatile can be fit anywhere.


EDA: Cadence, Mentor Graphics,

Semiconductor Design and Fab: Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Infineon, Freescale, Bosch

Telecom: Huawei, Alcatel-lucent, Ericsson

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: If you in the IIT’s its ok. If other colleges this branch I don’t consider a very good option. Major part of your engineering life you are running a Motor or an Alternator first trying to understand how it works then its efficiency and then how do I transmit the power. That’s it your life stops there. You hardly learn things which are in demand today. Under the pretext of electronics all they learn is SCR and UJT (if that counts for a field as vast as electronics) Still I know a friend of mine who learnt a lot of things on his own like robotics, microcontrollers and embedded systems and is working on quality product stuff. There is always room for learning everywhere.

Civil and Mechanical Engineering: (We go hand in hand): My personal favorites, if you are the kind of guy who is inspired by the modern marvels on History channel. The unique design of the Hong-Kong airport, PETRONAS tower or the Bruj-AL-Arab hotel inspires you and you like watching extreme engineering on discovery channel. Or if you heard that Mahindra Scorpio was designed by an Indian engineer who was 23 year old! If you want to design the next gas guzzling Hummer for the US marines or the fuel efficient and the cheapest car on earth Nano! Or if you fascinated by Michael Schumacher and feel you should design a faster car for him so that he can remain competitive even @ the age of forty, or if you want to know that the site of the world trade centre is good enough for a building that giant size, then these branches provide you the opportunity to do so!

Biotechnology: If you think that you did not get a seat in a medical college and you can compensate it with a degree of B.Tech Biotechnology, this ain’t true. The b.tech biotech guys just study the applications and they hardly know the undercurrents. It is better go do a B.S in genetics or microbiology. What B.Tech biotech does provide you is a diverse understanding and application of biotechnology in diverse field ranging from protein engineering to Industrial processes of producing a better quality beer to a way to understand means to protect the ecology, or even design a drug but in a generalist aspect! So if u thought you will be working on stem cells and producing new dollies (the cloned sheep) you’re mistaken, this is one branch where a PhD is a must and requires immense hard work dedication and research unlike other branches. So if you can burn the midnight lamp and read those big fat books (which I’ll rather use as a pillow or a dumbbell) like doctors do, this is the one for you!

Chemical engineering: If you think you are good at organic chemistry, or want to design high pressure boiling chambers, or think that you have better ways to treat the chemicals coming out of the industries to save the environment, or you think you are fine with the smell of Hydrogen Sulphide this branch is for you.

Computer Science: The most sought after branch. This should not be necessarily seen as related to coding! Engineering. There is lot more to it. If you interested in operating systems, think windows sucks and Linux rocks and you think you have the creative genesis to design cool applications. Moreover there is web designing, Distributed Computing (getting a lot of computers together and make them solve a common large problem i.e. a cheap way of making your supercomputer), Networking and designing optimum algorithms for fast processing this is the branch you are looking for! Basically you got to have good logical skills and work on it.

In general there is more to engineering than only Studies. There is a lot of room for personality development, meeting people from different diversities (if you in a nationally reputed college) and taking part in different activities. Thus engineering rocks no matter how you see it!

P.S : if u have any queries please post a comment, i’ll get back to you.

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      1. hii sir…….between electronic and computer science which is a good field??????and have gud scope 4 girls????????

      2. yeah it is relevent to electronics and telecommunication…after completing this course u can take a job in public sector as well as mnc companies………..

  1. if u from IT, first of all develop your coding skills… master C, C++ essential with data structures, and then u can go for Java or .Net ….. also knowledge of database Oracle or Ms SQL will be an added advtg……

    then choose your area of intrest and work on projects in areas say networking like distributed computing or ubiquitous, mobile computing…u can work in the domain of web development also like semantic web and content based search. try working on Open source, Linux platforms….There is lot of scope in this field. all the best! 🙂

  2. yeah i seriously think eee doesnt deserve dat
    its more important than the choice of profession is to maintain high grades in whatever line we choose. Students who get good placements are those who are maintaining ranks in top 10% in their class.

  3. while thanks for your comments, but i differ from that view because i have seen people who were not among the grades but made it to the top companies courtesy a wider perspective of the subjects. unlike the book-worms who score really cool grades they hardly inderstand the true applications and susequent implications of a subject.

    nonetheless your point is very valid and i do feel it holds true in most cases but don’t you think it’s improper to generalize it!!!

  4. Sir, I am B. Tech of E.C. 1st summester from UPTU. I want to know more about scope and solved question of the said branch.

    With regards

  5. Hi.. thks for the post sir,

    Well i actually have a question for u sir. I am told that with my present rank of 79(st) in wbjee i may be able to make only chemical engg in Jadavpur by some seniors of mine. However i HATE chemistry. They say any field in Jadavpur is good to take. Should i really go for it , that is IF i get into JU.


  6. hello sir,,
    i think i m good at computers (not talking about internet and chatting), i also took computer in 11 and 12 class… so i have some command in c++… so i feel that computer science is good branch for me but there are lot of news in the market that now there are less jobs in CS engineering…. now what shall i do??? can i go for EC branch ????

    seeing future which branch could be better??????????

    1. hey CS is a good branch.. EC is good too.. All I can suggest is jobs will always be there.. worry not.. If you are good nothing can stop u..
      i am EC I acn say all end up in the same boat.. Do what intrests you

  7. hiiiiii
    my rank is 6723 in indraprasth exam 2009 in outside delhi region…
    what colleges i can get 4 engineering????????
    plz reply fast………..

  8. sir, i have completed my intermediate and i want to do IAS.i was also interested in engineering.can u please say me trough which branch of engineering i can achieve my goal in the first attempt.

    1. sir iam intrested in engeneering suggest me which brach is good i am little bit of inclination towards mechanical if i select mechanical what will be the scope suggest me whichcollege i can choose to study the same branch i am in karnataka bangalore

  9. neeraj your articles sounds very good,can u guide me how to bring your thought,dreams
    and emotions in power of words,bye for the time.tc dude 🙂

  10. Hi. I am not an engineer but a doctor now in USA. I have been out of the coutry since last 5 years and now not aware of all the latest career oppurtunities and what is hot and what is not. I liked your article very much and want to thank you for writing it. I agreed with most of the things especially what you had to say about Bio Tech.
    What do you think about polymer science from say a middle level institute like DCE.I would be thankful you could give some advise.

  11. which is best?? plz do reply…counselling starts 26 july,2009…reply before that..

    Computer Science & engg.
    Electronics and Communication
    Electrical engg.
    Civil engg.
    Mechanical engg.

    Thanks to the repliers…

    1. now a days there’s being a drastic change.every engineering field has got it’s own worth! instrumentation is the one which deals with both the electronics and instruments. it recorded a very fast growth in demand.

  12. Electronics Engeneering sucks!

    The reasons:
    – no jobs!

    It’s plain and simple. I have studied electronics engeneering and I am experiencing huge problems in finding a job in my field.

    The problem is that unless you live in USA, Westen Europe or Far East you have very little or no chance of finding a good place of work.

    As far as science is concerned I strongly recommend studying something versatile. For instance, professionals from IT or medicine are needed in the every corner of the world whereas electroncs engeneering is just monopolised by a small number of companies. Unless one of those companies has R&D centre in your country, you have no chance of finding good job. That’s why I think that electronics sucks.

    I strongly recommend not studying electronics engeneering.


  13. Hi i’m presently doin my BE electronics n communication..i really want to get into the field of vlsi design..i wanted to know how the scope for this field is.?is there good jobs available in this field?

    1. There is no Scope Of VLSI in India. You may need to go for Higher Education.. A MS degree is more valued than Mtech.
      Other Way is to join small startup companies, they do some good work in VLSI. Pay you less. But after working there for 1.5-2 yrs, and learning good stufff u can jump to Biggies like Intel, AMD, infineon etc..

  14. dear sir
    ur article has been the most helpful article for me till date. ihave passed 10+2 exam and have received counselling call from vit & srm.i think ECE CS & IT are best suited branches for me acc to my interests but i cant decide bet dem.could u give some info abt IT? i like cs best in school but after reading ur intro i think ECE is pretty interesting too.could u give me some advice on selecting a branch among these 3..plz.thanx for ur advice.

    1. Hello Saumya,
      It’s my pleasure that my article Helped u.. If CS is something that intrests u naturally then go for it. Moreover make sure you follow your personal Interest and not get too swayed away by the chrms of the Other Branch. Sit Down and think what excites you. DO you Love programming? CS Provides you a plethora of options in the current World. Electronics in India can just remain a dream unless you are realy Motivated. Electronic Companies Like Intel, AMD , Freescale, Cadence (the big names) Do not really recruit Btechs. The need MS and sometimes Mtech’s (bad Choice, If u thinking about PG, GO do it From the US not from India) .Plus in most Colleges the Electronics Professors are pretty bad, you would rarely find a good elctronics Teacher in India. So In short Take electronics only if you are a highly Motivated Individual and you are sure you can go that extra mile Without Someone’s help.

      Coming To CS. It’s a vast field, Lot Of good jobs, Lot of things to Learn, Various options/fields to Excel in. You can even Freelance and work from Home.
      So if You taking CS make Sure you keep Abreast the Latest Technologies. Learn New Tools, Languages, Linux, Explore whats the hot thing in the Market. (most of Our College Syllabus are outdated)

      Plus all through the Engineering Make sure u stay competetive. Make sure You are ahead of the herd, You have knowledge which Keeps You ahead of the others. Your Parents and College People Would press upon you for Grades.. That’s All right. but understand that grades really don’t Matter. It’s How much Knowledge you Possess which Matters which will help you deliver a good Quality output at work. So I would Personally Advice to delve into the branch of CS, GO out of your Curriculum and amass a much Knowledge you can.

      1. dear sir
        thank u very much for ur help.ur advice was very helpful for me in deciding which branch to choose.i want to take CS.pls could u tell me 1 more thing.which is better VIT or SRM.ppl have told me dat i will get IT in VIT(rank=10800) & IT,CS in SRM (rank=1600)wot should i choose?is there much diff in IT & CS.i deffinetly like CS.will i be able to do well in IT?sorry for wasting ur time but no one else i no has been able to answer these questions.thanx again for help.

  15. hello sir…

    cud yuh plz post sumthing abt nanotechnology…n plz do tel me the exact difference between computer science,info tech and software engineering…i’l b highly thankful..

    1. Reetika,

      CS and IT are Pretty Much the Same. They have the same subjects. CS guys have a few h/w subjects, and IT guys have a few other Networking Subjects. But It Again depends on the University and What they want to teach i the Curriculum.
      Software Engineering is more of a Part of CS and IT. It’s deals with the Processes you must follow while Designing a project..

      It deals with Lifecycle of Software development Process. How the Requirements should be gathered, how the Code should be built, how the testing should be performed.. etc..

      As for nanotechnology is Something that could converge with Electronics, Chemistry, Biology Etc. Deals With how u can conserve space, Power, and get things done in an efficient Way.
      Go through this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanotechnology for More info.

  16. Hai ,
    i wana take B.E and go for MBA.
    But iam on a confusion which branch should i take.I like to choose from ECE or CSE.
    Which one is better with MBA?Which have good career scope?And amng these two which hav les maths?Pls rply fast.I hav to seek admsn soon.

  17. sir ur artical is very useful for me. but i get confused that cs vs ec which branch is good if cse it has good scope in future or with ece can we get govt. jobs in india.sir plz help me

  18. Hi,your article is extremely informative..i’ve also been wanting to here a personal account for quite sometime.I’ve appeared for the mht-cet examination.i wish to know more about instrumentation engg. and job opportunities following a B.tech in the same.Also i’ve studied computers all throughout school as well as in 11th n 12th grade. I believe i would enjoy computers too.could u please tell me which branch should i go in for considering both interest me?

    1. Intrumentation Engineering Is Pretty much similar to Applied Electronics. Where you deal with stuff like automation (in industries or a Process), Measurement Devices, Sensors, Industrial Electronics and can also specialize in Electronic circuit/chip design.
      Job Market in India is good as far as IT is Concerned. people from all the branches end up getting jobs in the same IT company.
      the main question is getting a relevant job (in the field of your study, like a mechanical engg getting into a mechanical company and an electronics engineer getting into a VLSI company)

      If you really love computers get into the computer science Branch and explore as much you can. Don’t depend too much on your curriculum but go out of the way to learn new technologies.. As I have said in the previous comment. CS provides a plethora of opportunity to learn, for job and you don’t really require anything but a computer to leanr everything on your own.. A Teacher’s guidance or a professor is Not required. You can pretty much conquer the world on your own. 🙂


  19. heyy..
    what is d major difference between bio medical engineering and biotechnology??
    is their any good career scope of bio medical engineering in India??
    what branch should i take for my engineering except mechanical n civil??
    also is civil engineering good 4 girls? are there any good career opportunities for girls in civil engineering??
    please help me out.. i m really confused. n thanx 😀

    1. Bio Medical engineering is still in its nascent stage in india, Plus it’s too Specific… It deals with how u can use Electronics to design Medical instruments. For which you must know some basics of biolog. Like what does a heart do? What ae valves etc.. U know what I mean !! Like to solve a problem you need to know what the problem is 😉
      Biotech is a silly branch!! To be honest. not many jobs.. You need a MS for sure an go here only if u really love research!!

      CIVIL and Mechanical not good for girls? not sure but depends on the kind of life that you want. A Civil or a mechanical enginer doesn’t necessarily mean you would be working onsite or in an industrial plant. You could be sitting in a Lab and designing the Latest combustion engine or you may be sitting at BOEING and designing their next Aircraft.. It’s only that we haven’t seen many girls do that (because girls really don’t really get fascinated by fast moving bikes and fighter jets maybe!!) but its certainly a good option.

      To be honest, get into computer science if you are a girl and if you are logical 🙂 and if computers really excite you.
      Or else just join the branch that you think interests you.

  20. Sir, i am getting computer science or electronics and communication engineering in NIT kurukshetra,
    So my question is , do every student in any NIT’s, surely get a job. ????

  21. dear sir,
    ur article has been the most helpful article for me till date. ihave passed 10+2 exam.now iam appearing for engg.but i don’t know even what is engineering for and d branches in it. I have seen some comments regarding that but I cant justify with that sm1 is saying that if u done EC OR EE u can only permitted in India unless u have qualified higher studies from USA OR UK.sm1 says that IT has versatility so prefer IT field but nowa days IT field is in ups and downs sm1 is saying mech is hard 4 girls eventhough its better hence I cant go for any option ,plz tell me wch is d best. our university offered only EC,CS,MECH,CIVIL,MATERIALSCIENCES,CHEM. plz send reply as fast as u can(24thjune,2010).I will blindly follow ur suggestion bcoz i idn’t have any1 to suggest me otherthan the person like u……
    sorry for wasting ur time but no one else i no has been able to answer these questions..

    I’llbe very grateful if u send reply for me
    thanx for helping me………..

  22. hey!! ur article is pretty helpful..i m a bit inclined 2wards civil. so vud u plz suggest if der is fair amnt of job opportunity in d same and wat is d scope 4 private business in d same. i vud b thankful 2 hear 4rm u!

  23. Sir,
    After reading your extremely informative article, i decided to take B.Tech in Electronics and Communication. I have got a seat in Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. Sir I want to ask that what shall be my approach towards the branch, right from the first year to the last year, so that i can get good grades and better knowledge of the branch. I also wanted to know that can i expect a great name, fame and salary from it in India. It would be great if you describe all the semesters.
    Thank You.

  24. sir ,, u r artical is preety helpfull for me ,, but i still dont decided which branch suld i opt.
    actully sir i only thinking about two branches from starting
    1 cse
    2 ece
    i really dont knw which should i opt.i m interested in computers from my childhood.i want to something very good with computers actully.i dont know if i will opt this branch and then i will think that this is not for me. i never want to face this kind of situation
    then i heard that ece is preety good branch. it has a good scope.will i choose this or no.
    ,,,so plz tell me which is better between these two,,about scope ,about future,about if we want to go in research.
    plzzzzzzz help me.

  25. nice article sir….you can resond in 1 day…. tomorrow is my counselling and i am interested in civil .but am afraid there aint enough jobs in this branch cause no college i have seen got palcement statistices for civil but for all other branches…..but yes i am the one who is freaked out by those shows( extrm engg …marvels..)so you think i can continue this….. aqlso tell me about electronics and instrumentation……

      1. sir i m not talking about civil. i m not intersted in civil. i asked to help me between cs and ece .so plz help me soooon??

      2. Go For CS.. EC does not have a god Job market in India currently… If you want to Work in Core Companies..
        Can’t really comment on future..

        CS is a safe option.. Good branch..
        Lot of things to learn and grow.. with good job opportunities..

  26. sir
    ur artical is very good.i was thinking about two branches ec and cse.but when i read other comments,,, i decided to opt cse for my b tech degree.
    sir i want to know is this branch has a good scope?sometimes i feel that coding is one in which i m not intersted.
    so i m little bit confused.
    can u please tell me something about cse course that what i m going to study.also tell me that
    my decision of choosing cse is good???

  27. sir ,Iam in confusion .while selecting the groups.Day after tommorrow i have counseling.I Have interest in Ece and cse ,according to my marks Ididn’t get ECE.I also interested incomputer,but while doing python programming i don’t know what Iam doing?
    plz give me reply very quick plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. Your article is so nice .I am in confusion while selecting the group ,I interested in both ECE and CSE .according to my marks i didn’t get ECE. I also interested in CSE. but I face difficulty while doing python programs.Please give me reply quickly ,because I have counsiling nearly.

  29. hi sir
    that was really great information
    my counseling is 2morow iam interested in EC but due to my rank i cant get it in very good college
    but i could get EE in the best college and most of the people say EC and EE are almost the same ,,,,,some say EC and EE have same syllabus till the end of third year only in the last year their syllabus changes………….they say EE is the tuffest sub but it dosent matter
    so should i choose EE
    please help me sir fast
    and how is the job opp for EE
    pls reply fast sir 2morow is my counseling……..
    thanks 🙂

  30. ir,,
    i want to do enginnering. i am thinking to do it in cse or ece. my interst is towards to cse is more than ece. i was going to opt it…
    but sir now most people say that there is big compitation in this branch compering to others.because a candidate is doing mca then he become similier to a b, tech. (cse). and there are many institutes like – NIIT,,they are also giving the same placements and education.
    sir plzz help me that this is true,,,is there his kind of problems in cse??. sir plz help me out from this conditions.
    plzzz reply soon???

    1. There is no such problem in CSE… You study in a good institue CSE should be just fine.. Try to understand your 4 years of hard work (learning things at a closer Level), you will always have an edge over someone who just learns few technologies by going to NIIT or so on…

      Your Btech in CS degree provides you with umpteen time of 4 years to delve deep into n number of areas and become an expert which cannot be matched by a 6 months NIIT course.

      Make sure when you get into your engg, learn as many things as you can, keep yourself abreast of latest trends in technology and work on as many projects you can. That will give you a lead which no one else can match 🙂 Hope that helps dude..
      Take care and let me know what you finally do 😉

  31. thanku …sir .,,i just joined the rit roorkee university wid the branch ece…and ur article was superb..which made ma confidence much much power ful,,,,hope i meat u 1 day…wid ma own company,,,,thanku sir ur,,faithfully

    1. yes.. U can if EEE does not seem good to you.. It depends on your interest.. I’m personally from ECE and feel it’s better than EEE. SO i can’t give an unbiased opinion. But personally I think You should if you can!!

  32. I plan to do join M tech ( VLSI design )in a private college and i have compleated my masters in physics , people says the VLSI job market is not good so dont go for that if it is true then can i opt for nanotechnology or proceed further to Phd , please help me i have very less time for joining

  33. Take Computer Science. I have taken ECE and I am suffering. I wish I could have taken Computer Science. I am telling you this because if you want to do something practical it is very difficult in ECE. But on the other hand a computer in your hand is enough for you to comprehend Computer Science concepts.

  34. Hi……….
    I hv been reading articles of urs for a while and I want to know that is IT is a good branch for B.Tech……….Why their is lot of buzz that IT is not good branch even though CSE is considered a good branch knowing the fact that they both hv only about 3 subjects different….I am doing B.Tech…and I am in 2 yr.

    1. There is no difference.. IT’s all in the mind… The system in India is too bad.. Companies may too want ppl with CSE and may not put the same thought that IT and CSE are essentially the same.

      YOu can’t fight the system, people’s perception has to change.. it is the stuff u know that should matter and not which degree u hold ..

      I hope it helped

    1. Architecture helps you design stuff and dream, Civil Engineers will make sure it comes true!! Hope that clears something..

      As for pursuing Interior designing, I would suggest it’s something that you can do it out of interest and won’t really require a Civil engg degree for that..

  35. sir,



  36. i like maths,i want to go for engineering,i have just given my XII boards,which branch should i choose.i am not really interested in computer programes,as a girl is mechanical a good branch.

    1. It Depends.. It would be tough to say that any branch is immune from computer science.

      Apart from that, assuming you do not like working with computers the only other option for you to be working in Mechanical would be in a factory as a operations engineer etc.. Not really sure if you would like it. Or else work in a lab doing some kind of testing.

      But if you do like computers you can sit down on the computer and design machines etc. That way you are working on a computer software, applying your Mechanical engineering skills

      So please dont have a pre conceived notion that computers don’t interest you.

      I’m a electronics Engineer and work 95% of the time on computers to make the elecronics work, to design Communication protocols, to design circuits etc.

      bottom line is computers are an integral part of engineering sciences. Learn to love them because they make our lives easy and almost always required in all branches of Engineering

  37. Dear sir,
    i love your article. the best i have read till date.
    i am giving my 12th class boards this yr. i have to choose a line in B.Tech for future.
    but m really confused!! i love C++. the programming that i have done in school is very easy. but what we have to do in CS or IT is completely different(atleast that’s what i’ve heard).
    i also enjoyed studying semiconductors n electricity. to learn more about the mechanism n functioning of mobiles, laptops n chips really interests me. my mechanics part is really weak. i hate work, power n energy. its soooo boring. 😉 so will EC be an open option for me?
    plus being a girl, my family wants me play safe n be in the cities only. they will not send me to any suburbs or any where in the villages or in the bihar, wb area.
    plz help me choose a field in which both my parents n me are happy.

    Thanx a lot!!

    1. Bihar and WB that was funny 🙂
      Perception of the youth, rightly so!!

      OK, I would suggest go for Computer Science engineering. This is the best branch for learning cutting Edge technologies and also from a high paying, skills and working in cities wise.
      Electronics is good but its tough to find relevant jobs in India currently without any advanced degree, unless you do it from Premium old IIT’s etc.

      However Computer Science knowledge, OS, Languages, computer Architecture, will give you an edge over others if you sincerely learn those.

      Hope it becomes easy for you

  38. hello sir,
    I just gave my 12 boards. I am currently revising for AIEEE and i expect good results in boards.
    In simple terms im not a very hardworking or studius student by any means. I am good in maths, Mechanics in Physics and inorganic Chemistry. The rest of my physics and chem is weak. So which branch should i opt for? Most importantly which branch is the easiest and requires least effort. I am not the guy who can study for more than 3 hours at home. However im very serious and attentive in class.

    1. Engineering does not need you to be god at pure science like MPC.. Just be good with basics and enjoy… No one studies very hard in college.. It’s just about pursuing your favorite subjects and being passionate to learn more about it

  39. Hello Sir,

    It actually was amazing to read all the above give informations.Thankyou for providing it.

    I am actually interested in civil eng. but, i dont know whether it has scope in the future.I dont know whether i have choosen a gud option. Please help me out.

    Thanks,once agin.

  40. Sir, I am a 2nd year student of computer science and engineering at NIT Rourkela. Wat r the job prospects here ?? wats the average salary of a cse engineer in India ? and what would be better after B.Tech – MS, M.Tech or MBA ??

    1. I am not very sure of the salaries as it depends on where you get recruited!!! However if you want to be technical go for MS. Mtech is not a good option (to be honest). MBA is also good if u need to get into management

  41. Sir,
    I have just completed my +2 and have also appeared for the AIEEE exam. i want to get a B.tech degree and then pursue MBA. I would like to ask which branch should I take up so that it helps me even after I complete my MBA. Im not at all interested in computers, nor do I want to take electrical as an option. Im interested in mechanical, but people keep pestering me that mechanical is not for girls. Please help.

  42. Sir,
    I have just completed my +2.I want to get a B.tech degree and then pursue MBA. I would like to ask which branch should I take up so that it helps me even after I complete my MBA. Im not at all interested in computers, nor do I want to take electrical as an option. Im interested in mechanical, but people keep pestering me that mechanical is not for girls. Please help.

  43. hi,
    1. yours was just the article which any student planning for engg (or other studies via engg route) should read. gr8 inputs. the very fact that the thread is live even after 3 yrs from the original post says it all. thanx for the same.
    2. i have myself done electronics engg and later on other degrees (MMS, Computers sc etc). in my opinion, with convergence of technologies and blurring boundaries between various electronics engg discps, it is easier to shift gears from electronics to CSE. infact, as u have mentioned earlier, even a civ/ mech engg needs to know some cmptrs and electronics – for eg with embedded systems finding place in anything and everything.
    3. axiomatically, my son is in the process of deciding between CSE and Eletronics Engg. his further aim is to do Mgt studies. here i found ur article very useful to us.
    4. thanx a lot.

  44. Dear sir
    i am really confused about the branches to choose.
    earlier i know only two branches i.e is civil and mechanical.
    but with growing knowledge of branches i really confuse which branch to choose.
    i thing should be noted i am an average scorer in maths but i am good in physics and chemistry.
    my coding in computer is bad.
    pls sir help me out of this

  45. Wonderful article at a time when I needed at a time when i was thinking hard to decide between EEE and ECE!

    I belong to the second category of students 😀 And I am looking forward to enjoy the world of ECE.

    May I ask you…which college did u study in?

  46. hello neeraj sir i completed my diploma in ECE and m very confused to go which branch, plz suggest me good branch i dont think electronics is good scope in india

  47. hello sir,i m waiting for uptu counciling but very confused about which branch to take.plz tell me will it be wise to take mechanical or electronics in uptu college? in future i want to prepare for civil services,so plz advice me in that aspect too!

  48. Dear Sir,

    I am getting all branches in manipal institute of technology
    n m still waiting for wbjee and aieee
    computer n stuff excites me a lot…but the things u wrote about ECE also excites me !
    plz suggest…shud i go for ECE or CS ?
    which is better ECE or CS [considering job oppurtunities and innovations in these fields]

    PS- I am interested in doing BTECH…thn MTECH/MS and at last MBA !

  49. sir, i m intrested in web designing n networking what should i choose the eng. Branch in india
    What the greatest skope in which branch

  50. sir,

    which branch wud u recommend ECE/CS/IT
    m more interested in software part rather than hardware part….many wud suggest to go for IT…but why then the cuttoffs of IT is very low in each college ? does it has a problem related to placement later ? i hrd that CS and IT hv the very same syllabus till 2.5 yrs..nad 70% of the portion of IT and CS are same ! also when it comes to jobs..many wud like to go to IT industries…

    plz suggest…
    IT or CS ?
    P.S. – i wanna do mtech n thn MBA !

  51. i appeared in iit and aieee this year and faild to qualify.i don’t even whether i wil get admission in any college or not bt den also i wud like to ask u if any college agrees to give me admission to kya mujhe waha jana chahye i mean in a city like jaipur jaha 50 college hai koi future hai yaha k kisi college mai pls rply m tensed……………………………..

  52. sir,
    ton of thanks fr d loads of info u give……..it really helps me a lot…………
    but sir i still wants to ask u smthing personally……
    i want to opt fr engineering or rather science as my career……….i got 14000 rank in aieee this year…m not sure of which branch to take……it was nt lyk ki dis particular branch make me go mad or dis makes me boring………..actually wat i think ki is tat i want to do new things which would change d world nd more often it should help the common or poor people of our country……..i just wan to choose that branch which helps me to help others……….but at d same tym i think ki i need to first help me to do dat.nd fr tat first i have to make myself strong in all d ways……….earleir i think ki EEE or ECE could help in tat(as name indiacates it has lots of scope fr research).i want to do something new…….something different……..but only after keeping myself on safe platform…………..i dont know exactly anything abt any branch but i want to do my enginering from good college……….
    as per my records i may get civil in nit warangal or dtu or bit mesra………..but fr other branches i need to choose manit bhopal or some other colleges below its ranking(according to the info given on net)……….although the felling of making those big buildings wit stunning looks lyk those in dubai fascinates me a lot but i think tat this branch doesnt give me enough of opportunities to help common people (it think so just becoz i dont have enough of knowledge abt civil or any other branch), also my parents told me tat there is not enough opportunities in this field to make money(but my priority is not that), but i guess ki only get civil in top colleges nd it also fascinates me……………..sir can u pls help me in choosing nranch nd college which makes my future secure nd also make me to fulfill my dreams……….pls sir…………

    nd sir wats ur view abt branch change internally on the basis of performance in colleges…………………..?
    becoz i think ki if civil is nt tat gd then i should labour hard nd chaned my choice to the desired field with the help of ur valuable advices……………..

    thanks sir…

      1. thanks sir……………………………

        sir can u pls suggest me which is better choice………nit warangal or dtu……………?

  53. Sir ,
    Ton of thanks fr d loads of info u give

    I am getting CS in NIT jamshepur
    and IT in BIT mesra
    wud u recommend me to go for IT cuz mera is a prestigious college ??

    sir u didn’t answer one of my questions….if CS and IT both are the same thn why the cutoff ranks of IT are comparitively low for all insititutes ? does it has sumthing to do with placements later ?

    last year from BIT mesra –
    1 student (CS) was recruited by google
    3 students (CS) were recruited by microsoft
    3 students (IT) were recruited by microsoft

    if it doesn’t deals with placements thn why are the cutoffs ranks for IT so low ???? is this a general misconception on the part of parents n students that CS >>> IT ???

  54. hello sir, i m confused in selecting branch of b.tech whether to take CS or EC ……will u plz suggest me which branch shd i take .i hve nt taken computer as subject in 11th nd 12th…………what is the future of EC????? PLZ REPLY SOON

  55. hello sir your article is truely informative…..but sir i m still confused……..I love both .what we do in cs engineering and in electronics and communication engineering….so cant decide…….can you please tell me sir…..which of these have more good job prospects, and which do you think will prove me better in future….. please reply as soon as possible sir..coz I have to fill my mhcet counselling form.

  56. sir i am deepthi from hyderabad i completed my 12th and i am totally confused about my branch in engineering.i am interested in both mechanical and eee.but most of them say that eee is a risk one.and mechanical is for boys.i am not so interested in computers but if i get a chance i can do it.for girls mechanical has less job opportunities?is that true.i am basically not an iit student .i studied aieee.so is eee correct for me?i am in a great confusion. plz suggest me the best sir.

  57. Sir,
    First of all I want say Done The Great Job….
    Your One Step Guidance Is The Big Boost Start Of Us….

    Sir I have Confusion:

    I Have 6 choices In NSIT College

    1 Electronics & Communication Engineering
    2 Information Technology
    3 Computer Engineering
    4 Manufacturing Processes & Automation Engineering
    5 Instrumentation & Control Engineering
    6 Bio Technology

    So what should I take, Please arrange in Top Best Order….


  58. sir,

    As u recommended me to take IT at BIT mesra
    but now there’s another option available for me…..I got AIR-430 in NEST 2011
    so i can easily get into NISER or UM-DAE-CBS and get into research work !!

    now where should i go ?
    IT at BIT mesra or some serious research at NISER/UM-DAE-CBS ??

    I wud also like to ask u wuts the actual scope for me after those 5 yrs at NISER/UM-DAE-CBS ??
    can i get into Massachusetts Institute of Technology after joining NISER/UM-DAE-CBS ??

    thanks in advance 🙂

  59. sir, after reading ur feedback abt biotech m bit scared now cz m abt to join dy patil colg 4 biotech. i took dat as an option bcoz i have an interest in bio plus m too scared abt physics as a subject which i want to get rid off either nt completely but atleast less burden of phy will be there in biotech. but i am still confused should i go forward with dis subject. i have no options coz i srsly dont want to end up doin ece or ee or any such subjects also i dont hve computers as my subject.

      1. thankyou sir 4 ur suggestion
        i wanted to ask wat is d reason u dont suggest biotech to students..is it because of the less scope in india? or is it beacuse it need tiring efforts nd lots of hardwork?

  60. well written sir.

    Deciding a branch best for you i hardest task.Actually i have passion in Physics but my family is not allowing to go with pure science.I have got a seat in nit Raipur in ECE but i am yet not satisfied.I want a branch which is most closest to modern Theoretical Physics.Astrophysics is one am i correct.

    1. Yes, If you interested in Pure Science, go for it. Electronics involves principles of Physics too, but actually it will be very close to nothing. Engineering does not really teach you how to Discover and invent stuff.. but it’s rather your own hrdwork through which you can do a lot of things. but content wise Modern Engineering Colleges teach you nothing useful as a takeaway. The courses are outdated and some of the subjects are not required. AstroPhysics is just a branch of Physics, If you know what I mean, physics is a huge ocean in itself… If you really interested in physics, join some good course as ECE is not close to pure sciences.. however I’m not too sure about the job prospects later on.. Like I keep saying Pure sciences require higher education and further research work after which you can either move into teaching or more research or a scientist in a big shot firm like Intel for an example where you will be working in their Hardcore R&D dept .. or maybe a govt organization like ISRO etc..

  61. sir i am waiting for ur reply i had asked….
    d reason u dont suggest biotech to students..is it because of the less scope in india? or is it beacuse it need tiring efforts nd lots of hardwork? or any other reason?

    1. It is a mix of both factors.. More or less no scope in India in near future (little exposure), secondly if you do take this branch you should go for higher studies preferably outside India.
      I’m being candid about it but that is the need of the hour.

  62. Sir I wanted to know whether doing CS from Manipal Institute of Technology is better compared to IT in a Mumbai University college.
    Which of these has a better name?

  63. dear sir,
    thanks for writing such a great article…
    I want to go for civil services after b.tech, thats my dream
    but i am a bit confused in choosing my branch.., between EC, EE, CS, IT ????????
    i know the basics in computers e.g. java of 9th and 10th… and c++ of 11th and 12th.
    but people are recommending me to go for EC as we can sit for I.E.S or prepare for other exams as well, like ntpc…
    some say taking C.S. would be better as it would be easier for me and i will have ample of time to prepare for other courses/exams apart from the course ..
    as possible sir please help me , its all so confusing…….. plzzzzzz………… 😦
    day after tomorrow is my counselling please reply as soon as possible.. 😦

    also please tell me what to choose better college or a branch of your interest….

  64. sir i m ashish garg from agra.. sir i m going to take admission in GLA university mathura…..
    i think u might heard this name before……. i am confused between two branches i.e. Mechanical engineering and Electronics and communication engineering……A/c to u which branch should i take for B.tech

  65. sir now i am doing B.tech I.T and complete my 1st year with combine subjects.Now i want to change my trade IT to Civil.It is right idea from me or not please give me answer

  66. grt effort ….sir..-i want to know that is cs in dit noida…is a good option..for me as i am intrested in cs for btech…or i should check other college link’s….

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  68. Hi, this question is for my sister. She is in 3rd semester EEE branch in a UPTU college. She is facing a lot of problem this semester trying to maintain her interest in this branch. Change of branch is not possible for her now.
    I am not recommending her another attempt at AIEEE/UPTU to get CS in another college as I know it wouldn’t be easy to cope with such pressures. She was always interested in CS and IT but could not get that branch in a decent college. Can you recommend some online IT course so that she can do along with her Btech course and move over to IT sector once she graduates from college. Is it advisable to pursue some such course with EEE branch. Are there any good online courses? I am open to pay for international certificate courses as well, but I want to make sure that it will benefit her and hold some value for the time she will put in it.

    1. If she has a good Library in college {{or even a decent one}}, and a computer at her disposal.. {{or a lab}} ask her to work on c and java {OOP approach}. Pick up Yashwant Kanetkar and herbert Schildt for the each of them respectively. That will get her basics going.

      apparently the best way is self learning.. once she has some programming hands on, ask her to diversify into Web Technologies like HTML/CSS/XML/ java script etc.

      Picking up a book in library on Operating systems and Linux can also set the ball rolling and help her understand the basics.

  69. Hi sir, i wana no dat do comp. Dat hire 4m cs also offer 4m ece.Also,m dead sure bout it dat m gonna do mba,may b 4m abroad,it al dependz…so wich strm ‘l b more compatble wid it,i hav cum 2 no dat cs goes gud wid it.also i wana nn can 1 give IES xam wid cs,coz dere aint any govt. jobs in it.

  70. hi sir i had many doubts in mind this article cleared many!but my bhai says-there are lots of student passing out from E.C.E in every year. so competition is high. can u guide me in that area too..

  71. hi sir, your article is very good, i want to ask you something, i am in computer science field but not interested in this field , i love computers but i can understand programming, algorithm etc , i want to go with civil engineering, is civil is good field or having endless scope?? guide me

    with regards,
    Abdul Sattar

  72. hi sir, your article is very good, i want to ask you something, i am in computer science field but not interested in this field , i love computers but i cannot understand programming, algorithm etc , i want to go with civil engineering, is civil is good field or having endless scope?? guide me
    with regards,
    Abdul Sattar

  73. Yellow sir,ur artical is amazingly different and gives out a clear cut idea of what actually are the branches all about.Sir I want to do MBA in long run.I am interested doing computer engineering(from Canada)…but I read that computer engineering are not in that much demands …….what are its scope in future…..plzzzzz do reply sir……waiting for ur reply…

  74. hi sir,i have completed 12 nd now i am free
    i dcided to take E.C in eng.
    can you say me what should be learn in this holidays
    either c,c++,java……

  75. hello sir….thanx for writing such an intriguing article…it really cleared some of my queries…well..as i was going thru ur article and d queries posted by other individualls…i didnt find ne mention of ‘ENGINEERING PHYSICS’…i will be glad if u can enlighten me abt d same..i mean wat is it all abt and wat scope does it hav??? i hav just completed my 12th nd m waiting for my competitive xam’s results…..

  76. sir i am doing engineering in (IT) , so plz tell it has good scope or some other courses m.tech or mba also require with it for more better mark,.

    is it single engineering (IT) is ,.ok for me ???


  77. Dear sir, im getting cse , ece and instrumentation & control engg. under some private colleges in indraprastha univ. but im really intrstd in mech. engg. (wanna work in diverse fields rather working on only software developing) should i opt ico engg.? is it have diverse apl. like mech engg?

  78. hi sir . your article was awesome !

    which engineering branch will be good for me ?
    i don’t have any personal interest to any branch . i hope i can do any course
    i.e, an all round personality
    i am ready to take risks but i need high salary !

    these days i am thinking about marine engineering but some experts says, ‘if you don’t have any reference, it can give you hard times !’
    is it true at present ? what are the other courses which ensure high salaries ? please provide me its details ?

  79. hello,
    I’ve joined in gitam for electronics nd instrument engineering I’m basically a avg student in intermediate but i was good in electronics than rest of the students in class. i have intrest in electronics(like u said in type 2 above)

    ur article is really good wondering why i havent read your article till today awaiting for reply

  80. sir i take admission lovely proffestional university i get ec but my neighobour who also a engineer say that ec is not a good branch and no plcement it he say you will get mechanical and ee sir please solve my problem

  81. sir/ma’am, i have cleared my 12th and wanted to opt for IT engineering as ma marks are low and no option is left….but have no interset in programming but if i get a good knowledge about this field surely i can excel……
    i wanted to know weather dat if m not interested in programming can IT a good option

  82. raj :
    sir/ma’am, i have cleared my 12th and wanted to opt for IT engineering as ma marks are low and no option is left….but have no interset in programming but if i get a good knowledge about this field surely i can excel……
    i wanted to know weather dat if m not interested in programming can IT a good option

    reply me asap its really urgent plzzzz i beg plzz

  83. hello sir !
    i’m confused as i am now in 11th class n i want to do aerospace engineering but i think that will be too difficult
    is there any other option in engineering line……
    thank u…

  84. I had taken Computer in 11th & 12th and I like it. I lag a bit behind in memorizing things.
    From the beginning of my 12th std I had planned to pursue a career in EC or CS Engineering. Now the time has come I make my choice. I want your priceless and sensible suggestions to take the final decision.
    I would like to have clarity about the following few things:
    First of all, about the course. I’ve heard that EC is a bit tough than CS. Is that so ? If yes, what makes this hard to crack ?
    Secondly, about placements. Some say that placements for EC & CS are plenty and very much the same. People from all the branches end up getting jobs in the same IT company. [But the CS is paid more.] Is that so?
    Thirdly, is there any advantage of one over the other?
    I know that the irrespective of the branch I choose, if I’m genuinely interested in it and can score a descent percentage, that is pretty ample. But, I can’t discard the views of the practical world which teaches me that life is too short for experimenting with yourself. Though mistakes are stepping stones to success, is it not better to make fewer mistakes? Please help me set myself on the right track.
    So, kindly help me with your valuable suggestions.

  85. sir i am interested in electronics and telecommunication field but it is told me that this field does not have any scope and i will not get job if i choose this field so pls tell me which field i choose that i can get a good job and i am girl pls rply fast

  86. Hi! M a class 12th student preparing for engineering. It interests me as long as it dusnt keeps me under pressure. Well, there’s more to it. I grab things well bt aint the kind who plods all the time to get good grades bt i need them. Right now m not doing too well in the tests coz of the same reason but i can work my way through it for an year and do all the hard work this year only. Thing is i have heard that engineering requires alot of hard work. This scares me. I want to pursue softare or mechanical engineering bt my current condition makes me think that even if i get a good college, will i be able to put in same amount of effort and probably more for 4 consecutive years. What i want to know is, is engineering that tough, precisely the branch i want to go for? Do reply.

  87. Thank u sir. I hav been thinking about the suitable course in engineering for myself and right now i hav really drowned into a sea of advices most of them being diplomatic. But ur article really helped me decide which course to pursue. This was just bcoz of ur straight forward views which nobody could provide me.

  88. Hey!
    I’ve just passed out of 12th..I’d taken up pcmb..now I’m planning to take up engg..n I’ve got a decent rank(not good,not bad)..
    I’ve been called for manipal counseling but I’m sure I’ll get courses like telecom and chemical engg..
    Should I go with that or try for a normal engg coll around where I stay?

    Also,I have a more general question-every year so many thousands of “engineers” r pumped into our society,but are enough jobs being created each year to fill them all?

    Awaiting a reply 🙂

  89. hello sir,
    ur article is really a gud one…i wish to do B.E…but iam in a great confusion that which branch to opt.
    so could u please tell me which branch is better?….b.arch or c.s??….plz suggest me…

  90. I am getting civil branch in VNR college. Hyderabad and EEE in narayanama college and ECE branch in mahatma Gandhi institute and kits college,please suggest me my way

  91. hi sir/mam ,
    I’m a girl.i’m interested in mechanical ,i woud like to persue my carrer in robotics or AUTOMOBILE .but my parents think it is a wrong decision coz they think its difficult for girls.i am not at all interested in software jobs so would like to suggest me some branches which do not ultimatly linked to software sides..
    thanks in advance

  92. I have no idea on my group in engineering and the college in which iam eligible. i got 2771 rank in eamcet 2013 but want a good job in campus placements. suggest me please.

  93. i have a option to change my branch. i am now in civil engineering but i am interested in electrical kinda stuff. plz suggest whether to change branch or not. also will be kind of you if you provide me details regarding future aspects of civil engineering..

  94. dear sir,ur article is very good and cleared most of my confusions…..sir i have opted for civil on my bro’s advice.but now iam confused in choosing btwn ECE and CIVIL..iam hard working,i get many innovative ideas,i can thing extremely imaginative,creative very good at understanding topics very soon… tomorrow is my first day of college..and i have a chance to change my group… sir plez suggest me a group where i can make the best use of my skills..plez…..help me to make the best choice for my future…

  95. sir
    I m a class X student becoming computer engineer I.e the last option of your article.
    I wanted to know if I don’t opt for computer science as a subject in XI and XII,will I still be able to make it to this stream
    plzzzz do reply sir

  96. Sir…..eee is not that much worthless….i personally consider it a good option over ece.
    Reasons- a very few people goes to core electronics companies by studying ece…..most of them end up in Infosys, TCS, wipro, Accenture at 3.15 lakhs per annum.
    If one takes eee over ece then he can try his luck in PSU also like pgcil, ntpc, bhel…….eee has more seats in PSU than ece….so probability of selection is greater.
    Trust me PSU are a lot better than these usual IT firms….(at least there is no fear of losing job …..IT firms are very unstable….their market depends a lot on USA’S immigration policy)
    Plus if one does not like eee in undergraduate then he/she can shift electronics and cse topics in m.tech. eee gives flexibility. But if a Cse guy wanna switch to electronics, he cannt do that.

  97. Sir, syllabus wise eee do not study electrical machines only….there is power system (circuit designing in a car, aeroplane, rocket, city,home), control engineering (_finds applications in spaceships), analog electronics (we study complete analog electronics as an ece guy do), vlsi (even car/it guys study VLSI….lolz), a part of digital electronics and communication systems (we eee guy get different from ece in this topic only)…..embedded is also there for eee but it is elective for us.
    We study some core basic topics of cse also like data structure, oops, DBMS etc. Plus in last year, we have various electives from cse also.

    So you can see here sir, that we eee guys are not lesser than ece. In fact we have extra advantage and scope in government sector like power grid (it offers around 10 lakhs package to fresher’s and it recruits eee guys only).
    Don’t u think that u shd now edit Ur eee section of Ur blog…lolz….I just want to say that u have treated eee too much inferior…
    Anyways….very nice blog….open hand applaud

  98. And yup mech is rocking….guys enjoy their lives in mech a lot. I have seen mech guys creating racing cars for competitions like Baja go karte, supra, etc. They also create robots for competitions like robocon which circuit related branches lacks….but civil is not that much rocking as mech is.

  99. Hey .. I need some advice.. actually I am an automotive engineering fan I want to build the fastest car roaring in races..although I want to be rich too..but some people told me that automotive engineers don’t fetch as many money as a software engineer do.. now I am confused what to do

  100. sir ,
    i am studying inter first year i taken mpc group after completing intermidate what should i do i don’t no which branch should i take in b-tech plz suggest me……………

    Thanking you,
    with regards


  101. Sir, how about Mechatronics or Robotics?
    Actually I like Computer science as well Robots etc. What I think is if i do Mechatronics it will help me as it surrounds a larger area like mechanical, electrical, computers etc.
    and it will be much helpful in future.
    I think instead of pursuing degree in some particular field I can pursue a degree which covers many areas of Engineering.
    Can I do B.Tech in Mechatronic in India then M.Tech in CS or Mechatronics?
    Suggest some good college for B.Tech/B.E…

    Please suggest something….

    Thank You!

  102. sir i have just completed my 12th and only few days are left for form filling for colleges. i’m very much confused between cs and EE. which is best if i want to do MBA ? my cousin in US tells me that there is much demand for EE there. i’m going to start my MBA training from very first day of my college to get best MBA college in world.

    pls reply soon..

    1. What do you want to do post Engineering? If you want to build aeroplanes then go for it.. Else just chuck it.. Go for something more brighter.. I know many aeronautical students doing something completely different now

    1. see my previous comments.. EEE does not have scope if you want to do something innovative.. I mean you can do.. but it’s tough in India .. You will end up in a power station as a manager or something.. getting work done without really doing it urself.. So there is no joy

      1. I seriously disagree with it.
        Research arena in eee in INDIA hasn’t been dead. It is still much active.
        Take for examples, power system subject of eee…it deals with efficient and reliable transmission of electrical power.
        New research fields like artificial neural network, smart relays, flexible ac transmission system is going on….
        Nowadays, research is being focused on making the electricity transmission system….automated.
        It means making such a electricity power grid that identifies faults itself, corrects itself and start normal functioning within few seconds….a complete new generation power grid.
        You have underestimated significance of power system completely.

  103. CSE or ECE
    I can do programming. But i don’t see a future or say how i can do more.
    I’d love to learn about how sims work or create electrical stuff. But i’m not
    sure about resistors or transistors. It seems like alot of work. Plus in
    physics, i only liked nuclear topics. So what to do? Is EEE all about machines?
    I don’t have much time. Please do reply.

    1. Electrical is very much generator, alternator stuff… you learn first few semesters about how to generate power.. then next few sems about how to transmit it efficiently and then finally how to conserve it etc.. etc..

      There is not much scope in India.. And EEE courses are outdated in most colleges in India.. including VIT where i studied..

      If you Like computers, go for it.. you will go places

  104. hlooo sir……plzzz tell me about electronics and instrumentation branch and also tell me that is this branch good for girls and its future scope??????? plzz reply fasttt

    1. Yes it’s a good branch.. I have many friends who did their EIE.. It gives good exposure to electronics, robotics, Sensors, industrial safety .. Measurement.. etc etc..
      Always hone your computer skills when in college.. That will take you places

  105. hello sir ,
    i have complted my 12th an now i am cofused which branch to choose cs or ec??
    i have taken computer in 11-12 also because i do have interest in it bt in cs an ec bothhave gud scope so what according to u which 1 is better for girls an for the good job in future

  106. hello sir ,
    i have complted my 12th an now i am cofused which branch to choose cs or ec??
    i have taken computer in 11-12 also because i do have interest in it bt in cs an ec bothhave gud scope so what according to u which 1 is better for girls an for the good job in future
    and what are the extra courses i should go with enginnerng to have good knwledge of my field???

      1. bt sir i have a keen interest in electronics and i guess in electronics also we study c c++ java??
        plz give me d details of subjects we will study in elctronics an languages too??

      2. C and C++ is mostly included in Electronics engineering.
        You can also learn things on your own.. Don’t wait for the university to teach you that.. If you are interested in computers go for CSE.. Don’t waste time in ECE

  107. Sir, i done b.tech in ece with 80%aggregate.But now i am confused with my future to whether do m.tech or mba.Please help me out which of these will definately give me job in foreign countries too.i will be very grateful for your’s suggestions

  108. I dont know how I ended up here, but your post made me cry. Yes it simply made me cry. ANd while crying i saw the date. You probably wrote it in the year 2008, The year in which I gave my 10th board, opted for PCM wasted my 2 years in coaching. I had plenty of choices, but i chose engineering and now that i have failed at it, I feel miserable.
    India Already has enough EC engineers and doesnt need more until 2020. And i am among those unwanted ones.

  109. boss u r great..Ur article really shows it. Its really helpful n ur approach is different. Well i am an e&tc student and want to do mtech now and i want to know abt mtech in signal processing

  110. Sir….I have option of etc or it in rcoem….
    Which branch I should choose… I am innovative …creative….and computers excit me…
    But which branch in better for placements…. Healthy salary..

  111. Based on my JEE Mians rank, I have the following options

    Mechanical at BIT, Mesra
    Chemical at DTU
    Electronics at IIIT Allahabad

    I would ike to do an MBA after engineering, and i know Mech and ECE are good fields for this, but DTU is consistently ranked within the top 10 in the country.
    Please advise me on what i should pursue

  112. sir…i m student of electrical engineering….i completed my 2nd sem….now i got chance to change branch…so shall i continue or switch to civil branch….currently for which branch their is demand????? please suggest me

  113. Sir i have completed my first year and scored75.75 % i have option to change the branch vurrently i am ec student sholud i change my branch to cs or remain in ec branch .. i have the knowledge of java c language sql html and i have also insterst in web designing pls reply as soon as possible thanks for the concern

    1. Sir i have completed my first year and scored75.75 % i have option to change the branch currently i am ec student sholud i change my branch to cs or remain in ec branch .. i have the knowledge of java c language sql html and i have also insterst in web designing pls reply as soon as possible thanks for the concern

  114. Sir i m interested in computers but i wont get coe…i got admission in dtu…which branch is best for me….salary+ interest both to be considered…… Can i go for ece(in dtu)

  115. hai sir……thanku for your post….and its very useful for me……sir,a/c to which stream is better among mech or ece….actually i am interested in robotics….can i take mech and go for robotics……?????waitting for ur rply
    thanking u,
    sir,please do give rply

  116. Lol you say that electrical & electronic engg is not suitable for job perpous .
    My dad is the engg of E&E and his monthly salary is more then one lake

  117. Hello sir ………i’m in the 1st sem i hv tkn computer eng…… I wanna change it 2 medical electronics so is this a bad or good option …..

  118. Hello sir… I’m in the 1st sem. ……. branch:cs ….. I wanna change it 2 medical electronics. ……. how gud or bad is this option plz tell me sir…..I thought of that coz I’m interested in medical and I couldn’t go 2 that fild……

  119. Hello sir,…me Shruti and i too have opted ece so confusing with electrical…because in gate exams there is more crowd of ece rather than ee so i think course wise ece is tough for competionslike gate ,ies,etc..

  120. Sir I want to become a chemical engineering but I confused because my parents say do mechanical engineering ….. which engineering I do ….. say

  121. I am Mtech (ECE) in VIT. I am interested in core industry or teaching job. I dont like software. Many software companies come here I never participate. Now my parents requested to participate and promise me that they dont push to software. Meanwhile i got internship at Nokia company without any remuneration. I dont know whether they keep or push me out.In this situation, what i have to do. Teaching job available in tamilnadu for my subject. If available give address of the colleges in tamilnadu.

  122. hi sir i am a student studying in class 11.I was very confused about my career but after reading this i feel so relaxed.I am from a small city ,i decided to be an eng.but when i come to know that there are so many brances in it i totally get confused .Sir my question is that i have an interest in civil eng. but there are many scopes in electronics so what would i choose .sir i know i should choose civil as i have an interest in it but what about about electronics which have lots of scope.
    and i have too listen from many pupil that civil eng.is not good for girls.i know today girls and boys are same but think practicallysir.

  123. Hello sir..ur article was very informative but still i have some doubts in my mind.Actually i want to do b.tech in computer sciences but dont want to do a job in MNCs and i cant take ECE bcz i dont like physics..so plz guide me sir im vry much confused.
    Thank you in advance

  124. Plz. Hlp me ….I am going to suside……I am b.tech in ece but I don’t have the job.
    ………………bank is forcing me to pay,the edu. Loan……….
    Plz help me

  125. I am completed my b.tech in cse deprt.nw i am prasently doing job in instrumantation.this is entire different but i wan to continue in instrumantation.in this we have any comon sub to learn to as per cse..like plc programing is it suitable for cse

  126. I am completed my b.tech in cse deprt.nw i am prasently doing job in instrumantation.this is entire different but i wan to continue in instrumantation.in this we have any comon sub to learn to as per cse..like plc programing is it suitable for cse .plzzzz i am in confused about m carrier

  127. Hi sir….It was a gr8 article….!!
    I have just completed my 12th and I wish to pursue an MS in Robotics after my BE degree,But I am confused between ece and eee for my ug course.I would like to have some guidance on which course to opt for………,
    Thank you Sir.

  128. If I take a BE/BTech in computer science and engineering, will I have any hardware knowledge or will it be only software oriented? If so, what are those topics? Are they common with electrical engineering or ECE topics?

  129. Hello sir ….I m pursing b.tech in CS from a uptu college (abesec) in 2014 I joined it BT becoz of money problem I have left college within 3 months …..but now my dad got a gvmnt job in march 2015 I have given upsee this year and I got 7491Gn rank …..
    Now my ques is ….
    In my stay of 3 month in ghaziabad I have seen people are struggling to get job bcoz of holding tag of uptu …I they are getting they are not happy with package ….so they are either running for MBA, m.tech or SSC and civil service .
    I want to get a good gvmnt job like central excise inspector or IPS ….
    Then y should I waste my 4 year in engineering when I had to go for civil services y should I not utilised those 4 year in civil service preparation with pursuing bsc as bsc provide space to prepare for these exam as load is not as much as in b.tech …..I can doing coaching with these 4 year in city like Allahabad ……..
    Why people are running for engineering when they r not getting iits nits …….and as u know uptu is worst …..big companies to naam uptu k tag pe select hi na kre ….????
    Pls reply to all my ans I m bit confuse.!!!

  130. I want some guidance as i hve scored 70% marks in bords this year and my weak link is maths . so plzz suggests courses fr my b.tech as i wnt to do b.tech

  131. Sir…m confused regarding wat shld I opt for…cz der r many options lying..n m question is whether I shld opt fr computer science or engineering cz both fields r beneficial n which one has d most job opportunities ……

  132. sir,which branch should i take up in jadavpur mechanical or electrical engineering or information technology. i am really confused between these branches as i like all three of them.

  133. respected sir,
    i have completed my 12th in ap.now iam decided to do my higher studies in banglore.but i git very confusion in selecting a particular group.i some what weak in mathematics.my choice is to do ece or cse or civils.so please say me sir among these groups which is very useful to me and helps me in future to get a good job and for earning good money.today evening i am going to banglore to join in the collage tommorow.so please give me ur opinion sir.my mobole no is 8978667529 and my e mail id is manojroyal246@gmail.com.please help me as quickly as posible by calling me or by mailing.

  134. Hey Sir…. I am really interested in Electronics & Telecommunications. Is it worth doing EXTC Engineering from colleges like,
    Veermata Jijabai Technical Institute
    Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
    Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering
    K J Somaiya College Of Engineering
    Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
    Are these colleges good enough to do my B.E in EXTC?

  135. Sir
    A little confusion which field i should take ?
    btwn electrical & civil
    I’m good in Maths&Chemistry but not at Physics
    And in future want to work in foreign country

  136. Heyy.. your article is pretty good. Atleast It does not confuse the readers like everyone else do. I just wanted to know whether civil is better or mechanical? I am interested in manufacturing cars and all those stuff but there is a lot of pressure for civil. They say civil has more scope than mechanical. Please suggest something as I have to attend a counselling after a few days.

  137. sir plz give me suggestion I am betch 2 year student my branch is ec but my mind ts not to complete for this .most of the time I think that it is very bad for me because there is no future in ece .sir plz give me suggestion what should I do .
    can I take admission in 2 year admission in eee

  138. sir plz give me suggestion I am betch 2 year student my branch is ec but my mind ts not to complete for this .most of the time I think that it is very bad for me because there is no future in ece .sir plz give me suggestion what should I do .
    can I take admission in 2 year admission in eee.

  139. I’m engineering 1st sem.I don’t have interest in engineering Circuits,Maths,physics.neighter my mind asked question “why,what,how”.
    I can just clear my paper by only attemp theory as I’m not interested in maths. Should I continue my btech just only for degree or just skip btech????
    Please help me

  140. which one I should prefer between architecture and CSE? i want to earn massive money.. so what should i do to choice between architecture amd cse?

  141. i completed my intermediate in mpc i don’t know what branch should i take in b tech but i has much interest in computer science n engineering can u suggest me by what branch i should take

  142. Is B.E EIE (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) Interesting to study ?
    I have no idea what that involves and would like to know more about EIE…
    Cuz got an offer from BITS Goa Campus for that stream….
    Also some Career options and scope in the future…

  143. Sir I am good in physics nd chemistry bt not that gud in maths at ol…plz tell which engineering branch should I take..I m very much interested on semiconductors..mobi­les..etc.

  144. some people says that btech is not good option if u don’t get admission in iits and other big colleges….
    they say do bsc and prepare for government jobs …
    so I m confused plz tell me what should I do ??

  145. Thank you for such a good article. I hear many asking to go for the branch according to the subjects I am good at. Actually I am good at Maths but poor in physics. Tell me which to opt between CS and ECE

  146. sir,
    i am in second year of engineering and i took industrial and production engineering but now i have a option of upgrading my branch to electrical enginerring ,I iam have a keen interest in working on cad and solidworks and loves to to build new things .Also i like to study about different parts of automotives. I also want to do mba because i think doing it from from top colleges will help me in getting fat salaries and i will able to costly bikes and cars(my child hood and strong dreams). My question is whether i should change my branch as electrical engineering is a core branch and provides other options .I also came to know that electrical engineering is quite tough but still i think iwill eventually develop interest in it but iam afraid i will not be able to earn money.
    main thing is that in ip i will be able to follow my interest and simultaneously able to focus on preparation for mba

  147. sir i wanna btech but i cunfuse in choosing branch i can’t understanding which is best branch for me..
    sir actually i thought some branches
    1.civil eng.
    2.software eng..
    3.electrical and electronics
    4.electronic and communication
    and i am interested in all of these
    so i have confused to choosing branch sir please tell me

  148. sir this is tushar adil…i am persuing for being an engineer in an engineering college and i want to know. As you said ET and T is the branch u were in can u tell me what should i opt . after engineering from this branch need suggestion from u cauz its my only thing of interest like u said in this article about making chips and programming them for work… actually i think i todays life if we got knowledge about elecronics and programming them as well we can control half of the world. and i want good knowledge not degree. thnx for this article… 🙂

  149. I’m currently in CBSE Class XI – PCM with Computer Science.
    I’ve much interests in Physics , Maths and Computer Science.
    I want to do B.Tech With IIT in CSE .
    What will be best for me?

  150. Sir i Have done my 12, and lil much confused abt my career so can u help me plz , i want to do designing but m confused tht i should go for interior designing or product designing?? Help me

  151. Sir your advice was much satisfactory thanks. However i too belong to the 2nd type category and would like to ask you that which branch would suit best for my career provided i have strength points and interest in physics and computer . So which branch would best for me ?

  152. in India we are still caught in chains of reading books not creativity …. I am too caught in it. I am good in studies at this time. but I fear which way should I go and how I would enhance my creativity? ??

  153. nice article.I am currently in 3rd sem ec branch n I keep hearing ec is tougher than cs.so I’m thinking of shifting to cs if I can.I took ec because my parents thot it was good.I had taken bio in +2 so dunno much abt computer or electronics.i don’t know which branch is good for me.can you tell me if shifting will b good?I’m scared of the difficulty.

  154. Respected sir ,u explained in so deep that any inspirants who try to choose eng as courier he/she will not persu after reading your blogs..
    any way my question is does civil eng have good future scope in India…

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