Why it is not fair to Compare Google with Facebook?

Google with its unique search engine brought relevance to people staying on the internet. The relevant search results and confidence that internet is acting as a useful source of information made people hang around on the computer/internet for so much longer!!

Facebook brought relevance to Social Media. Follow their friends on the internet, sharing and tagging pictures, voluntarily giving out information about oneself. The ability to know about people you care for without people who were updating their status to think about who would be interested in knowing it.  Following the news/videos suggested by friends on Facebook would generate more curiosity than one randomly following a story. In short Facebook brought people together in a more socially relevant way.

Both Google and Facebook are continuously innovating providing us with world class product.

Google and Facebook generate relevant ads based on who the user is: For example Google displays search results based on the users’ previous research and search history. Facebook on the other hand knows exactly who you are, which age group you belong to and which communities, bands, pages you have liked? This information combined with their superior analytics is an advertiser’s paradise.

Google never had the luxury of booming economy, however even during the economic downturn few years of their inception the company was one of the only few dotcom’s to survive the dotcom bust!

Facebook on the other hand hasn’t really faced any stiff competition yet! But nonetheless it has been excellent so far and sure to fend it off.

There have been debates about Google being beaten by Facebook as being advertiser’s paradise but did we ever ask the important question?


Had we not had Google, we wouldn’t have known where the internet would have been.

P.S:  The author is a Google/Facebook addict and sometimes checks his internet connection by checking if Google.com is available !!


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