Conventional Wisdom

I was sitting in a session of a technology company and there was a very nice gentleman speaking at volumes about stuff that is generally so good to listen from a strategy point of view.

And then there was a word on “CONVENTIONAL WISDOM”

I was blank for a second: The gentleman in suit had opened a Pandora’s box in my world.

“Experienced guys gets this, gets that!!!” he said..

Technology world is fast changing and all the development and innovative ideas come out of Young minds!! Aren’t you speaking cryptic code for me when you being in a technology company talk about experience.

We are supposed to talk new and fresh. You need an agile and fresh mind and not old gray matter filled with worldly wisdom.


I can bet you on that: When the world is changing so fast and faster is technology, you would want people who are willing to change, and not people who would try to stand on your shoulders, see you do all the work and then take all the credit (because they are so called experienced!!)


I would rather stay inexperienced.


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